Open Poem to Provincial Leadership Candidates

At the community hall
Minus the community
Since there were only three of us
The empty hall was filled
With the elephant in the room
The candidate’s insistence
That the ideological opponents to life
Be considered equally
Even though our side was there
And their people weren’t
They never have to be
Whether standing in front of the legislature
Or outside a hospital
Before the courts or in the media
They get all the abortions, after all
Twenty thousand in the past decade
Conservatively counting
Everything else is just an abstraction
Including their non-presence
Which the candidate feels compelled to address
More than any anguish at the absence
Of 20,000 citizens
That would really fill the community hall
And the classrooms
And the job market
And the provincial coffers
There were even more boys
At the picnic table under the community billboard
Just outside the hall to the north
Excited with the snacks they bought at Family Foods
Optimistic that way, about their teenage lives
No corruption in their intentions
Like here in this empty hall
Where politics is played with whether and when and if
People exist or don’t
“I understand we have a legal requirement..”
Even though they found the courage
To risk losing money from the federal government
Over private MRIs
And even though an unjust law is not binding
On one’s conscience
Or what’s a legislature for?
“I have the caucus to consider
And the Human Services Committee”
Which insists on acting as an inhuman services committee
You’d think we had found some common ground
In a profession of faith:
“I believe in science-based decision making”
We were just talking about that
With a rep for a local ag company
And their Artificial Insemination Division
No one would ever tolerate an AI company
Speaking like abortionists
“We won’t pay you for that embryo
Until the brute is born
What you’ve touted as a sow or cow
Might prove to be a hare with horns”
Only the pro-life constituency must
Tiptoe around like being on the thin ice
Of a rural Saskatchewan slough in late October
While those who dismember hips and toes
In our city hospitals
Keep crushing skulls like eggshells
During their year-long macabre Halloween
Well, the candidate received my gifts
A newspaper and a press release
On the “Government’s Duty to Neutrality”
Or in an explanation from Jacques Maritain:
“A genuine democracy
Cannot impose on its citizens
Or demand from them
As a condition of their belonging” and
Participating in the polis
The city, the society, and where the word
Politician comes from
“Any philosophic or religious creed”
Which describes abortion to a tee
I asked that the next premier not be
Another Romanow
Who championed the rights over equality illusion
And refused to defund abortion
I would also now add
A line from Maritain
“Genuine democracy
Must bear within itself
A common human creed”
And a warning
“The dream of a ‘scientific creed’
Uniting men in peace and in common convictions”
About the nature of human life and
The purpose of government
“Vanished in our contemporary catastrophes”
By which he means first and second
World wars
And by extension the very scientific precision
Of turning a womb that already is
A coffer of great treasure, with a priceless jewel
A human being in the prenatal time
Of one’s development
Into a crucible
Intent on transforming
Pure gold
Into the faux treasure
Of a fool

October 17, 2017


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